Mind the delivery gap: Achieving net zero through finance and policy

Published: October 2022

This report for Bankers for net zero argues that – at present – we face a ‘delivery gap’ whereby the tools and interventions for achieving both the bank and UK Government targets on emissions reductions are often nascent at best, and absent in other places. Addressing climate change will only be successful in the context of partnership between government, businesses, lenders/investors, as well as the consent of the public.

Banks cannot change behaviour on their own – a stasis of Government policy creates inertia across households and the supply chain needed for mass retrofit, which holds back progress. Clarity on decarbonisation pathways for housing as well as the ‘carrots and sticks’ for delivering this are urgently required. Furthermore, Government needs to address issues around incentives, data and information for SMEs.

You can read the full report here.