Our Work

We draw on deep backgrounds in economics, policy development, data insights and campaigning to bring you solutions that work in today’s political climate.

What we do

We deliver first-class economics, policy thinking and data insights to help our clients influence critical societal debates and policy making:

Economic analysis:
we use modelling, theory and quantitative and qualitative research to help clients tackle important policy issues. We provide economics that people understand, making complex issues and analysis easily digestible, which helps our clients and partners to make an impact.

Policy consulting:
we work with those seeking to improve policy and directly with policy makers. We help to shape strategy, from understanding the skills needed to deliver net zero, through to making the case for a change in legislation, to adopting new ways of working within charities.

Data insights:
by combining our extensive knowledge of the UK’s socio-economic data landscape with modern data-science working methods, our team helps our clients understand what is going on, creating insights collaboratively that shape policy, build understanding and gain media traction. All our data insights work is underpinned by a robust data architecture, which ensures ease of replicability and quality assurance.

What makes us different

Part of what differentiates us from other organisations is that we don’t do research for research’s sake – we know our clients and partners want to make an impact with our work and influence policy to support their goals.

We have a unique set of skills that enable us to make our research relevant and durable, drawing on our experience as senior policy makers in government, first-class communicators and experts in data visualisation.

Our focus is on important social and economic policy debates, including productivity and growth, net zero, poverty and inequality, and the future of the workforce.

We are driven by a desire to make a difference, both through the work we do and by taking our responsibilities as a business seriously, which is why we are an accredited Living Wage employer and a recently verified B-Corporation.

We will work with you throughout the process to ensure that the end result is exactly what you need.

How we work

With our clients and partners:
we want our clients and partners to feel the difference. Working with us means collaborating with an engaged, experienced and valued team who care about the work, about your goals and about each other.

With our employees:
we want everyone at WPI Economics to feel supported and to be supporting others. We are committed to strengthening our culture as we grow. Every member of the team is vital to ensuring we do.

As part of society:
we are now a verified B-Corporation, enshrining our commitments to being a responsible business into the fibre of our organisation. We take our own ESG commitments seriously and pride ourselves on helping our clients to do the same.

Why clients and partners choose us

Our team: we offer flexibility, bringing the right skills to each project. We have experience across sectors, and provide trusted expert advice, innovative recommendations and robust analysis on a rapid turnaround.

Our impact: we have experience in and outside of government, strong political and policy knowledge and good connections. We understand influencing, campaigning and the importance of communicating our work with impact.

Models, data and policy: we have custom built, proven models to forecast macro- and micro-economic effects of policies and events. Our expert data insight team analyses complex datasets to help decision-makers understand what is going on. Our policy capabilities enable us to make compelling recommendations.

How we work: openness, efficiency and collaboration are at the heart of our working relationships. We believe involving clients and partners throughout is fundamental to delivering meaningful and practical results.

Recent Work

Our ethos

First and foremost, we want WPI Economics to be a brilliant place to work, which does brilliant work. A place where everyone in our team feels proud of what they do, in an organisation where work fits with life, rather than compromising it.