London’s Poverty Profile 2021: COVID-19 and poverty in London

Published: April 2021

As an extension of our work with the Trust for London, WPI Economics has developed new insights on poverty and inequality for this year’s annual London Poverty Profile report. The 2021 report takes stock of what we know so far about the impacts in London in light of the pandemic.

The report shows that London has been hit particularly hard compared to many other parts of England, both in terms of its citizens’ health and its economy. The report also shows those living on the lowest incomes in the capital are most likely to have been hit hardest.

By providing these insights, we hope that we can help shine a light on certain issues to prompt action from local and national government, the third sector, faith groups, practitioners, experts, businesses, the public and indeed anyone who cares about making London a fairer city to live in.

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To read through the London’s Poverty Profile 2021 report in PDF format, click here.