London Poverty Profile 2020: An overview of London boroughs

Published: October 2020

As an extension of our work with the Trust for London, WPI Economics has launched a heatmap showing how London boroughs are doing on a suite of poverty and inequality indicators from across the five themes of London’s Poverty Profile.

The London Poverty Profile involves a a collection of over 100 indicators of poverty and inequality and how they impact on Londoners. Against the backdrop of the emerging scale of the personal, economic and social crisis presented by Covid-19, this work can provide a benchmark to start to monitor and track the impacts of the pandemic on Londoners.

By doing so, we hope that we can help shine a light on these issues to prompt action from local and national government, the third sector, faith groups, practitioners, experts, businesses, the public and indeed anyone who cares about making London a fairer city to live in.

To view the heatmap and take a closer look at different boroughs and indicators, click here.