From Data Divide to Data Dividend: Harnessing the benefits of government data to solve societal challenges

Published: November 2022

This report, published by WPI Economics on behalf of Splunk, takes a deep dive into how the governments in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands are using data to drive societal change and close the data divide after decades of missed opportunities. The results are promising. Governments have made significant efforts to use data more effectively, realising it’s a critical resource, for problem-solving, innovation and public services. The report highlights the data dividend available to governments which succeed in closing their data divide, as well as many case studies of best practice in the use of data for policymaking from across the world. The report’s recommendations and finding could have a profound impact in closing the data divide, yielding significant social, economic and environmental benefits.

You can read the full European report here.

Four country specific reports accompany the main European benchmarking report.

  • See the French report here
  • See the UK report here
  • See the Netherlands report here
  • See the German report here