New work launched: London Poverty Profile 2020

Published: April 2020


New website launched and report published today! We have been proud to work with the Trust for London to produce this year’s London Poverty Profile. The site and associated report detail over 100 indicators of poverty and inequality and how they impact on Londoners. Against the backdrop of the emerging scale of the personal, economic and social crisis presented by Covid-19, this work can provide a benchmark to start to monitor and track the impacts of the pandemic on Londoners.

By doing so, we hope that we can help shine a light on these issues to prompt action from local and national government, the third sector, faith groups, practitioners, experts, businesses, the public and indeed anyone who cares about making London a fairer city to live in.

On launching the LPP, WPI Economics director, Matthew Oakley said:

“As well as the personal and societal impacts that the Covid-19 crisis brings, it stands to lay bare the significant economic and social inequalities that existed right the UK even before the crisis hit.”

“Our work with the Trust for London focuses on London and shows how difficult life already was for those in low-paid and insecure work, who are struggling to meet high housing costs and lack the financial safety net that savings provide. And the economic consequences of Covid-19 are likely to be felt most acutely by these very same people.”

“As the country emerges from this crisis, these inequalities must be tackled and we hope that our work to track and monitor poverty and inequality can help to make that a reality.”