New Report on Increasing Uptake of Clean Vehicles Released

Published: May 2018

WPI Economics has published “Helping People and Business to Move towards Cleaner Forms of Transport”, a new report commissioned by ClientEarth exploring the various ways fiscal policy can be better utilised to increase the uptake of ULEVs and improve air quality.

This report sets out fiscal policy options that should be explored by Government to meetĀ itsĀ goals in relation to vehicles and air quality, including the introduction of charging Clean Air Zones by 2020, a targeted scrappage and/or retrofitting scheme, reforms to VAT for low-emissions vehicles, and a levy on non-ULEVs in the UK.

It also lays out a series of reform to make the current motoring taxation system more responsive to emissions, and to develop a future system of motoring taxation to replace the current tax base.

To read the report, please click here.

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