Final Covid Recovery Commission report launched – ‘Ambition 2030: A Partnership for Growth’

Published: April 2021
The final report of the Covid Recovery Commission builds on the findings of the previous two papers, and presents the need for a new National Prosperity Plan. We believe that this plan must be created and implemented by business, government and society, and help us deliver a fairer society in which everyone has the chance to fulfil their potential, and where economic success does not mean environmental damage or inequality.
We believe that the National Prosperity Plan should be built around an innovative set of approaches for delivery:
  • Accountability: Clearly defined objectives, delivered through National and Local Prosperity Scorecards that allow us to make decisions and track progress.
  • Tailored responses: Creating Local Prosperity Strategies and giving local leaders the tools to deliver them.
  • Collaboration: Building on LEPs to create Local Prosperity Partnerships that make business, government, institutions and society work towards a common goal.
  • Purposeful business: Having businesses leading delivery, and being committed to playing their role in society.
  • Consistency: Working together within a stable and long-term policy and regulatory framework.
Read the full report here.