Caring for the NHS Workforce: the critical role of technology in supporting wellbeing amongst NHS staff


WPI has produced a new report, commissioned by VMware, which argues that technology can play a central role in improving the mental health of NHS staff.

This report argues for strong digital foundations to transform NHS care. The report reveals that in 2019, more than 10 million working days were lost to mental ill health in the NHS across the UK: That is the equivalent to half of all NHS staff – 700,000 people – being quarantined for 14 days, or every worker taking on average 7 days off work a year

Strong digital foundations in every hospital – allowing access to the right information on any patient, on any device, at any time – could play a role in improving the mental wellbeing of the NHS workforce, reducing technology-related stress. The report therefore proposes a three-pronged approach to this much-needed digital transformation: expertise, money and accountability.

To read the full report click here; for a summary of the report, please click here.
Published August 2020.