• We draw on deep backgrounds in economics and politics to bring you solutions that work in today’s political climate.

Our company ethos

A lot of companies choose four words to sum up their values. As ours are core to our business, we’ve taken the liberty of using a few more. First and foremost, we want WPI Economics to be a brilliant place to work, which does brilliant work. A place where everyone in our team enjoys and feels proud of what they do, in an organisation where work fits with life, rather than compromising it.

For our employees

Central to that is everyone who works here feeling supported and supporting others: helping each other through tricky work; in developing new and existing skills; and, most importantly, in knowing that when they need time to deal with the most important things in life (family, friends, themselves!), we are all here to ensure that can happen.

We are committed to a culture that continues to strengthen as we grow as a business. Every member of the team is vital to ensuring it does.

For our clients

We want our clients to feel the difference too. Working with us means collaborating with an engaged, experienced and valued team who care about the work, about your goals and about each other. 

You’ll see that in how we approach our projects, bringing together the best of everyone’s skills and delivering high-impact analysis, consulting and insight that makes a difference.

For society

We are committed to going beyond being a responsible business – to being one that makes a positive difference to society. That’s why we’re on our way to becoming a B-Corp, with the aim of enshrining that commitment into the fibre of our business. 

A lot of the work we do has a clear social or environmental purpose, from ways to tackle poverty through to the green jobs of the future. We take our own ESG commitments seriously and pride ourselves on helping our clients to do the same.

That is a lot more than four words, but hopefully it tells you a lot more about us too.