Heathrow Airport’s Third Runway

Heathrow Airport Limited commissioned WPI Economics to assess the state of the UK economy following the EU Referendum and to better understand the role that the quick approval of the third runway at Heathrow could play in ensuring the strength of the economy in the remainder of this Parliament.

We found that, while the immediate future of the UK economy is highly uncertain, action is needed to ensure that the UK makes the most of the historic chance it has to reshape its economic relationships, both domestically and internationally.

We provided Heathrow with a full report, and a specific case study appropriate to their context. The case study looked at the economic case for the expansion of Heathrow, and combined grounded research, insightful recommendations, with a clean professional presentation.

We worked with our sister company WPI Strategy┬áto run a successful campaign engaging policy makers and stakeholders and informing them about the positive economic and political case for Heathrow’s expansion.